Criminal levels of attention to detail implemented by yours truly here on the Westside of Vancouver.  Handprinted by Painthouse Customs.

Straight stays, hooded dropouts, threaded bottom bracket and straight head tube.  The MMLEE is designed and built to showcase the potential (and kinetic) properties of steel.

1) Columbus Spirit Tubing.  Direct from Italy, it gets no better than this steel.

2) All MMLEEs are custom built to the rider.

3) Included are Chris King headset and bottom bracket, Fizik stem and seatpost (painted), as well as steel unicrown fork.

4) $2750 per MMLEE, with a delivery of 8-12 weeks.  No more than 12 MMLEEs will be made.

5) Four paint themes are offered.

  Black, Red and White  Black, Grey and Green  Greyscale and Red