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Le 34/28

The 34/28

A collection of thoughts equivalent to riding 3 up in heavy traffic.

DDD 017 – The Race of Truth

I’m fortunate to see a lot of uber-high end bikes. Light, sexy, cutting edge bikes.  I also see a fair amount of off-the-shelf ‘disposable’ carbon race bikes.  Without fail, the racers that consistently deliver results are the least into bike technology and trends. To many elite racers, bikes are little more than tools to accomplish ... Continue reading

DDD 016 – Simmer down.

It’s okay to take a day off.  I think Mark Cavendish made some comment about the courage it takes to rest.  Combine that with the torrential downpour situation here in Vancouver, and one might actually feel okay with a day off. To the cultured ones out there, may I suggest our very own Vancouver Art ... Continue reading

DDD 015 – Is it LeZeen or LeZine?

Frankly it doesn’t matter.  I’m frustrated with Lezzzzz-steal my valve core every single time! What compounds the argh-factor is that Lezyne pumps are head and shoulders above the rest in every other way.  Build quality is 10/10, the compression is superior to any other pump I’ve tried, and they’re pretty to look at too.  Park ... Continue reading

DDD 014 – The upside of constraint.

Few things are more infectious than passion.  From what I’ve read, Rothko never stopped yelling, and Woody Allen has zero tolerance with regards to actor improvisation of his scripts.  The Clash might still be ‘the only band that matters’ – just listen to White Man in Hammersmith Palais.  Joe Strummer summed up his band’s success ... Continue reading