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Le 34/28

The 34/28

A collection of thoughts equivalent to riding 3 up in heavy traffic.

DDD 033 – The Wheels on the Bike

As much as I love frames, I’m much more fascinated by wheels. From hub internals to rim shape to aesthetics, I geek out when it comes to wheels.   Wheels often intimidate many riders – perhaps it’s that whole spinning weight concept, or maybe it’s the idea of gluing something. I’ve had a very large number ... Continue reading

DDD 032 – tumblrs

4 tumblr sites for your perusal.  Why 4?   http://thismachinekillscobbles.tumblr.com http://thenorsephoto.tumblr.com http://collaverglas.tumblr.com http://ridestrong.tumblr.com ... Continue reading

DDD 031 – A Sudden Gust of Wind…

Big Ring Riding posted this quite some time ago, but I still have it bookmarked.  If it ever gets really windy and it feels like you have to push 250 watts to maintain 15km/hr, watch this video (particularly at 50sec) to keep things in perspective. It is a European home video, so you’ll have to ... Continue reading

DDD 030 – It Spinneth Forward

A little known fact is that front hubs are directional.  Granted the consequences wouldn’t be quite as dire as mounting a rear hub backward, but nevertheless, front hubs/wheels do have a left and a right.  Valuable information when mounting a directional tire. While on your bike, look down at the label on the hub shell ... Continue reading

DDD 029 – Cyclist on Cyclist Snubbery

To quote Dennis Miller (back when he used to be cool): “I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but…” On a long-ish, 3.5 hour ride last Friday, as we rode past rider, after group, after rider, a close friend (and a cyclist of very high pedigree) brought something to my attention. “Watch ... Continue reading