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Le 34/28

The 34/28

A collection of thoughts equivalent to riding 3 up in heavy traffic.

DDD 038 – For the sake of the children!

First of all, I’m of the belief that challenges make ones life better.  I try and apply this to my kids’ (within reason of course) whenever possible.   But this is a bit ridiculous.  As we were riding up a 1% hill, I asked “how does the bike feel? Is the seat too low? Is ... Continue reading

DDD 037 – On aptitude

This book is special to me. It’s written by a really smart man who tackled the value of work in our society.  Specifically, why we inherently value the banker more than the tradesman, and how that is affecting our lives and our kids.  It’s got a bit of academia which certainly validates the author’s claims, ... Continue reading

DDD 036 – This should help on RR

If this fires up just as you’re heading out River Road, crossing No. 7 rd, it will be an enjoyable sprint. If I’m wrong, chew on your stem (term from @nbloom) and push bigger numbers. ... Continue reading

DDD 035 – Cold hard sticky facts.

I glue a boatload of tubulars.  Like building wheels, I don’t hate it. Perhaps it’s the fumes.  This study has influenced my technique and product choices a great deal.   Not all details are verbose, you know. ... Continue reading

DDD 034 – “Mom! Watch me! Mom!”

It was just a matter of time, but I saw it.  It finally happened. A guy riding his road bike in full kit with a go-pro (note the intentional non capitalization of the brand) on his helmet.  Not descending Seymour in the sleet, and not risking life and limb mashing NYC traffic, but noodling the ... Continue reading