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Le 34/28

The 34/28

A collection of thoughts equivalent to riding 3 up in heavy traffic.

DDD 043 – From the glory that was 1978

“It’s either the best or it’s the worst, and since I don’t have to choose I guess I won’t” From Lou Reed’s “Street Hassle”. ... Continue reading

DDD 042 – To the bitter end

I live near the top of a hill.  Not West Van madness, but a 3 minute 300w hill nonetheless.  Coming home from a ride, I promise myself I’ll noodle up the hill, as I need the cool down.  But then, magically, 1 block ahead of me, Laurent Fignon pops out onto the hill.  It might ... Continue reading

DDD 041 – Throw it back

I’m a huge  fan of early to mid 90′s mountain bikes; the frames, the gear, the attitude – all of it.  Remember Tomac on the drop bars, and Tinker’s Cannondales and Ned Overend never ceasing to amaze?  To quote Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona, “These were the salad days” My chops were cut on a ... Continue reading

DDD 040 – May 07

On May 7th, the Tuesday night crit hosted by Escape Velocity begins it’s 2013 season. This is one of my favourite things about cycling in this city.  Nothing like a beautiful sunny evening to take part in a a well managed crit with a bunch of great people, and it’s an absolute eye bleeder most ... Continue reading

DDD 039 – Leaving (your bike) on a jet plane

Travelling with my bike is always stressful, to the point that in the past I haven’t even taken my favourite bike on some trips.  Might have something to do with that time in Frankfurt I saw a baggage handler pushing bike boxes out of a plane on to the concrete, 30 feet above the tarmac. ... Continue reading