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Le 34/28

The 34/28

A collection of thoughts equivalent to riding 3 up in heavy traffic.

DDD 048 – It’s one of the more literary sports.

We all have our own ‘thought occupiers’ on rides, and they become a lot more noticeable on solo excursions.  I think most people default to extrapolation of head unit data.  Who knew simple math could be such an addicting distraction? Others spend the hours thinking about more meaningful things, like Phil Gaimon for instance.   Between ... Continue reading

DDD 047 -The Gregor is a sneaky one.

Turns out the Happy Planet founder has more in common with Tommy Carcetti than originally thought.  There are some pretty massive changes planned for Point Grey road, and according to my sources (not Gawker), the COV is pushing this through without much regard for consultation. Cyclists are undeservedly on the business end of a lot ... Continue reading

DDD 046 -Bobstack Lightning

Bob Roll rode for perhaps the coolest team of all time, and pronounces the grandest race “Tour Day France”.  But he also wrote this: “Leather Jackets and Ghetto Blasters”  Knowledge is not always Power,Sometimes knowledge is painReconciliation with a love that can’t happen/with a love for alife that will never cometo pass is the day you ... Continue reading

DDD 045 – There goes my hero.

The immediate connotation attached to peacekeeping is one of lollipops, rainbows, and general sissiness.  Dave Grohl proves that it’s possible to keep the peace in a completely badass fashion. ... Continue reading

DDD 044 – Who worked on this before me?

Many sectors of the service industry suffer from low self esteem. That lack of efficacy is often manifested on one very simple exchange   Professional -”Who worked on this before me?” Client – “John Doe” Professional – “Well they totally butchered it.  Look what they did with cross-butterfly-regurge-valve-separator-incline-sensor!  That should always point due north when ... Continue reading