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Le 34/28

The 34/28

A collection of thoughts equivalent to riding 3 up in heavy traffic.

DDD 003 – INF 1

If you’re fortunate to have a compressor, you can utilize Park Tool’s INF -1. When you don’t have to hand bomb tires every morning, you tend to pay more attention to the important stuff, like tire pressure, and the condition of the tires and valves. ... Continue reading


Fact: Japan is often in front of the curve.  Fumiyuki Beppu was doing this years before Peter Sagan. WTAPS (pronounced doubletaps) consistently raises the bar when it comes to streetwear. Haven recently published this very cool piece if you’re unfamiliar. ... Continue reading

My blood is clean. Not too clean though. Nothing to see here.

Was the juice worth the squeeze?  I suppose it was, maybe it wasn’t, but ultimately, I learned very little over the last few weeks – other than that Lance is one of the worst people in the history of sports and we should all look to model ourselves (especially our kids) after Ray Lewis. I’m ... Continue reading

Domestique’s Daily Detail (DDD) 001

3 concepts were at the core of Le Domestique’s inception: 1) Whatever it is, try to do it better than last time. 2) Bikes are cool, but they are not art.  They are machines with a purpose.  The pride that goes into servicing stems from respecting that purpose. 3) Excellence is defined by attention to ... Continue reading

What Mechanical Skills Should You Have?

Eddy Merckx the mechanic

Back in the day, riders not only knew how their bikes worked, but also how to repair them. Current technology and your day job make that tres dificile, but there are a few things you should, nay must, know how to do.  This list isn’t derived from what’s cool, or even what’s convenient; but rather ... Continue reading