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DDD 047 -The Gregor is a sneaky one.

Turns out the Happy Planet founder has more in common with Tommy Carcetti than originally thought.  There are some pretty massive changes planned for Point Grey road, and according to my sources (not Gawker), the COV is pushing this through without much regard for consultation.

Cyclists are undeservedly on the business end of a lot of the resentment toward the Gregor.  Many cyclists I know are not the militant agents of change who seem to dominate the headlines, they just ride from A to B, or get out and train, or even to have fun – wait, scratch that last one, regardless, all the cyclists I know drive as well.

If it were up to me as a cyclist, I would leave Point Grey road as is. Just think of the clownshow that place would become if designated as a no-car zone.  If I’m heading over to Whytecliff or Cypress, and I have choose whether I dodge countless helmetless meandering sillyhearts instagramming pictures of their shadows while they spin their cruisers, or a delta bravo in a silver 2002 A4 (but it’s got the S-line suspension so it’s pretty much an S4) who’s trying to run me into parked cars but pretending he’s not looking, I’ll take the latter simply because the driver is following rule #1 of the peloton – be predictable.

The Gregor needs Senator Clay Davis to keep him in line. Sheeeeeeeeiiii………