DDD 046 -Bobstack Lightning

Bob Roll rode for perhaps the coolest team of all time, and pronounces the grandest race “Tour Day France”.  But he also wrote this:

“Leather Jackets and Ghetto Blasters” 

Knowledge is not always Power,
Sometimes knowledge is pain
Reconciliation with a love that 
can’t happen/with a love for a
life that will never come
to pass is the day you lose, 
Loss and abandonment is what 
love and life give until the end
of our days.
I spent all my Tour de France money 
on faithless women, leather jackets
and ghetto blasters – the rest
I just squandered.
But to love the squalor 
is the key to the kingdom.
Although I wasted my money and
can no longer afford derailleurs, 
I still love to ride – so it 
will be single speeds until the day
I die.