DDD 038 – For the sake of the children!

First of all, I’m of the belief that challenges make ones life better.  I try and apply this to my kids’ (within reason of course) whenever possible.  

But this is a bit ridiculous. 


As we were riding up a 1% hill, I asked “how does the bike feel? Is the seat too low? Is the bike too big, too small? ”  The response was “TOO HEAVY!”

That little bike weighs more than your bike (20lbs).

Look, I get it.  They’re cheap, and stable descending at that weight, and there’s no market for a $600 kids bike.  But it is simply too heavy given the technology available.  If we were going to do a straight comparison, it’d be like your bike weighing 90-100lbs (assuming you’re 160-170).  Skis and snowboards aren’t this disproportionate, nor are tennis racquets or golf clubs.

Is this a reality or an opportunity?