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DDD 034 – “Mom! Watch me! Mom!”

It was just a matter of time, but I saw it.  It finally happened.

A guy riding his road bike in full kit with a go-pro (note the intentional non capitalization of the brand) on his helmet.  Not descending Seymour in the sleet, and not risking life and limb mashing NYC traffic, but noodling the UBC point.

Cameras of this ilk do have a purpose: downhill mountain biking or motorcycle racing, to analyze lines, or something like say, surgery, but that’s about it.

When I see the skier/snowboader with the helmet cam (I’ve seen multiple cams one one person btw), I can’t help picture said person sitting down at their IMac and loosing sleep over the starwipe vs the clockwipe and to what song from what Tarantino movie they should score “dylan’s rad run – tokum 2013!”

This makes the UBC/Iona noodle cam even more absurd.  How self absorbed must one be to record themselves riding a road bike? Seriously, it’s borderline psychotic behaviour.  ”Has it downloaded it yet?  Dude, wait for 2 more minutes, it’s a false flat of at least 2% and a bus rushes by as I barely miss that puddle!  Hey what do you think of my musical choice – it’s by Stealer’s Wheel.  Where are you going?  Wait! Watch me be average! Watch me!”

I realize that right thing to do is ignore, and wave as I ride by, but it’s tough. Really tough.