DDD 013 – The Limits of Control

The only American filmmaker in PT Anderson’s league is Jim Jarmusch.  He’s made some truly brilliant movies; Dead Man and Night on Earth are 2.  In 2009 Jarmusch made The Limits of Control, which is kind of quirky look at a quirky guy.  The soundtrack alone (Boris and Bad Rabbit are prominent) makes the movie worth watching.

But there’s this scene.

The main character likes espresso.  He sits down at a cafe and orders 2 single espressos, in 2 single cups,  to which the barista replies “1 double espresso”.  ”No” replies the protagonist as he sternly clarifies.  Sure enough, when his coffee is brought out, it’s a double espresso.  He proclaims his frustration, and in a short while, 2 single espressos are placed in front of him.  He begins his little coffee ritual by adding sugar, stirring, then drinking.

I could wax poetic about consumption, or idiosyncratic routines, but that’s not the point of this DDD.

Next time you order an espresso, ask for 2 singles.  They’ll look small.  They’ll taste way better.