DDD 010 – Thin it out

I’m not a huge fan of bartape.  In spite of all the feedback regarding my ability to find the perfect bartape/wrap for each setup (insert humility jab here), I prefer no tape at all across the top of my bars. I quite like old school cloth tape, but it requires constant changing.  With the exception of injury rehab or for a really specific purpose (Paris-Roubaix soon!), I can’t stand the thick stuff. Whenever I have to test a bike with gel-padded-puffy-soft tape, it feels like I’m trying to steer the titanic, which sucks because I can’t swim.

For those in my boat, Fizik recently released this, and it is awesome.  2mm thick, and the crazy tackiness subsides rather quickly.  Only available in black or white right now, and that’s just fine….