Le 34/28 Archive

DDD 035 – Cold hard sticky facts.

I glue a boatload of tubulars.  Like building wheels, I don’t hate it. Perhaps it’s the fumes.  This study has influenced my technique and product choices a great deal.   Not all details are verbose, you know. ... Continue reading

DDD 034 – “Mom! Watch me! Mom!”

It was just a matter of time, but I saw it.  It finally happened. A guy riding his road bike in full kit with a go-pro (note the intentional non capitalization of the brand) on his helmet.  Not descending Seymour in the sleet, and not risking life and limb mashing NYC traffic, but noodling the ... Continue reading

DDD 033 – The Wheels on the Bike

As much as I love frames, I’m much more fascinated by wheels. From hub internals to rim shape to aesthetics, I geek out when it comes to wheels.   Wheels often intimidate many riders – perhaps it’s that whole spinning weight concept, or maybe it’s the idea of gluing something. I’ve had a very large number ... Continue reading

DDD 032 – tumblrs

4 tumblr sites for your perusal.  Why 4?   http://thismachinekillscobbles.tumblr.com http://thenorsephoto.tumblr.com http://collaverglas.tumblr.com http://ridestrong.tumblr.com ... Continue reading

DDD 031 – A Sudden Gust of Wind…

Big Ring Riding posted this quite some time ago, but I still have it bookmarked.  If it ever gets really windy and it feels like you have to push 250 watts to maintain 15km/hr, watch this video (particularly at 50sec) to keep things in perspective. It is a European home video, so you’ll have to ... Continue reading