Le 34/28 Archive

DDD 023 – Baum

The bikes being made by the folks at Baum in Australia are world class.  I’ve seen a few in Above Category and they are gorgeous and very well made.  Baum’s attention to aesthetics, though, are what sets them apart.  Check out the Gulf Oil paint scheme… ... Continue reading

DDD 022 – Naki Kyoku

It’s a windy one today in Vancouver, and it always seems that the windiest days are the ones that you have to pound Iona a few times.  Naki Kyoku, by Boris, is over 12 minutes of ebbing and flowing, teeth to the  wind, take-you-to-the-place-where-you’re-happy-to-suffer, badass Japanese rock that is made for Iona repeats. ... Continue reading

DDD 021 – I Recommend the Food

I think there are stages riders/racers go through with respect to fuelling on the bike. 1) water  2) gatorade/powerade w/some form of bar 3) ‘researched’ drink with a ‘researched’ bar or gel  4) actual food and meaningful drink People generally stay at stage 3 until something bad happens. Often during a multi day event where ... Continue reading

DDD 020 – Rocket 7

I don’t know any cyclists that aren’t particular about cycling shoes. Sidi’s are too narrow, Rapha’s are too heavy, Lake’s are too hard to find.   Rocket 7′s are too expensive, but they are amazing.  Rocket 7 was a fairly well known company a few years ago, then they went into the tall corn.  They’re ... Continue reading

DDD 019 – Reset

DDD got away from me a bit.  They became incredibly detailed and not about a single detail.  They are intended to be simple, short and content based, as if Camus or Stompin’ Tom Connors wrote it (I imagine I’m the first guy ever to group the those two). So back at it. Assuming you’re on ... Continue reading