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Le 34/28 Archive

DDD 028 – Standard vs Compact Front Rings

As summer becomes more of a reality, people start to climb more. When this happens, clients inevitably ask about 2 things: the weight of their bike and components, and what’s the biggest cassette they can fit on their bike.  On the first concern (and this is hardcore pot-kettle-black territory), I almost always suggest that one ... Continue reading

DDD 027 – Derailleur Cable Pinch Bolts

If you look closely, you’ll see a little indented line along the washer that the cable is pinched against as the bolt tightens.  It is imperative that the cable runs along this line.  If you think about basic levers and pulleys and such, the fulcrum or contact point is a major determinant to how the ... Continue reading

DDD 026 – The Drink of the Summer.

The last 4 years have gone as such: 2009 – Coke no ice 2010 – Moscow Mule 2011 – Kronenbourg Blanc 2012 – Negroni …the drink of the summer of for 2013 is the Negroni.  It’s the first to repeat since Diet Pepsi’s magical run of 1998-2003. The Negroni is pretty much the perfect summer ... Continue reading

DDD 025 – ee Brakes

As mentioned earlier, I’m a systems guy with respect to bike components, and that penchant is implemented relative to the importance of the component.  A lockring or expander bolt has more off-brand freedom than a crankset.  Having said that, I put some brakes on my road bike last summer, made not by Shimano, but by ... Continue reading

DDD 024 – Chains

Few things are as integral on a bike as a chain.  You could ride a flat tire for a while if you had to, you could ride without shifting for a while if you had to, you couldn’t ride with a broken chain if you had to.   What causes chains to need replacing?  It’s not ... Continue reading