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Le 34/28 Archive

DDD 008 – Slam that stem

Do what you will on your winter bike.  Run all the spacers you want on either side of your stem. The rules don’t apply.  On a summer rig however, that 2-5mm spacer between the top of the stem and top cap looks low rent.  It looks bush.  This is a proper expander bolt that doesn’t ... Continue reading

DDD 007 – Keep it smooth, yo.

If you’re a rider that likes to adjust seat height or bar position from time to time, chances are you’ll make the adjustment and move along.  Next time, check to see if the bolt has any grease on it (if it was ever there to begin with).  If not, put a small amount on said ... Continue reading

DDD 006 – CK Lockring

I’m a systems guy when it comes to bikes.  I like consistency throughout the drivetrain.  The FSA cranks with the aftermarket rings spinning a KCNC chain into a Campagnolo derailleur on a Miche cassette has never appealed to me.  I even like the stem/bar/post to be of the same brand.  But there’s one thing.  The ... Continue reading

DDD 005 – Mavic Rim Cleaner

Okay, it’s actually called ‘Abrasive Rubber’ but I couldn’t bring myself to write it in the subject line.  If you’re riding wheels with a metal braking surface (and given that it’s February you better be…), Mavic’s Abrasive Rubber will seriously improve and clean the braking surface.  Note, if you ride wheels with Mavic’s Exalith surface ... Continue reading

DDD 004 – TONX

I didn’t really start drinking coffee until about 10 years ago.  Over that time I’ve managed to inhabit the birthright of every cyclist; I’ve become a bit of a coffee snob, which can be both exhausting and embarrassing.  Well TONX takes care of the first.  Really, really good and super fresh beans (they overnight to ... Continue reading