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Le 34/28 Archive

What Mechanical Skills Should You Have?

Eddy Merckx the mechanic

Back in the day, riders not only knew how their bikes worked, but also how to repair them. Current technology and your day job make that tres dificile, but there are a few things you should, nay must, know how to do.  This list isn’t derived from what’s cool, or even what’s convenient; but rather ... Continue reading

How to Hit the Ground Running

When the monsoons arrive in Vancouver, roadies generally have one of 2 approaches.  They either; a) meticulously clean their summer bike and put it away for the winter in a somewhat ceremonious, ritualistic fashion, or b) hang it up or put it in a corner without much thought, angered by the long wet winter that’s ... Continue reading

On Motivation

Itʼs easy to want to win on the day. One of the most annoyingly overused-for-the-sake-of-sounding-athletic clichés is: ʻhe just wanted it moreʼ. To assume that Guy A who wins the sprint wants it more than Guy B who finishes second is utter nonsense. (There is one caveat however, and that is timing – Guy A ... Continue reading

Winter Riding in Vancouver

If sprints are won in the off season, and success in races is determined by quality of training, then these few months are important ones. Unless you winter in Hawaii or the desert, then you’ve got a decision to make. It’s easy for cyclists who live in climates north of us – they don’t have ... Continue reading